Memorial Garden

28 May 2019

Our memorial garden is now complete.

This garden is in memory of the 1300 deceased buried within our cemetery whose locations are unknown. Many would have been marked with wooden crosses, which over time have either decayed or were wiped out by fire in the 1880s. Some were buried as paupers, in our old public section, in a time where death was just part of life and moving on was something they had to do, and others have just been lost in time.   

The garden allows descendants, relatives or friends of the deceased to place a lasting memorial within the garden. Please contact the Cemetery trust if you are interested in having a plaque arranged.

We have Peter Clarke to thank for the construction of the garden, Mawsons Lake Boga Quarries for supplying us with the rock, Kelly Bros Monumental Masons for the plaque, and our volunteers and staff for the insight to see this project to completion.

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