Ultima Cemetery was established in 1912.

It is located approximately 1 ½ kms south of Ultima on the Culgoa-Ultima Road.

Access Hours

Access is available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our History

Ultima in its early days was a thriving town with three hospitals, four churches, three grocery stores, as well as coffee palaces, blacksmiths, a barber, butcher, post office, school, court house, and all the other businesses a thriving town needed.

6 acres of land was granted for the Ultima Cemetery in 1912 by the then hotel keeper Mr Mark Brooks. His own daughter, Mary Ann Button, was the first to be interred into the cemetery on 18th September 1912. The cemetery was then gazetted as a Cemetery on the 10th day of March 1913.

The Swan Hill Cemetery Trust was appointed the management of The Ultima Public Cemetery in April 2019.

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Notable Burials

Mary Ann Button

Mary Ann Button 1878-1912

The first burial in the Ultima Cemetery on 18th September 1912 at 34 years of age. Mary Ann was the daughter of Mr Mark Brooks who gifted the land for the use of a Cemetery.

Mary is in an unmarked grave in the early protestant section.

Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks
Hotelier; Farmer; Commission, Land and Finance Agent

Mark and his wife Ellen are buried in the early protestant section near their daughter Mary Ann Button. Mark was interred in 1933 and Ellen in 1941. Their grave remains unmarked.

Ultima Cemetery Location

Culoga-Ultima Road, Ultima VIC 3544

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